Buckets, Buckets, and flower pots!

Cathy McDonnell, of Revolutionary Redesigns,  recently said to me, "I have fallen in love with your painting-in-the-round!"  I have to admit, it is great fun painting on round objects!  I really enjoy the challenge of creating one continuous landscape that curls around the object! Here is an old New England sap bucket that I painted this summer, and a vintage milk can that I personalized for Jan at Corner Antiques and Collectibles in Bedford, Massachusetts. Old galvanized tubs and landscaping pots also make the perfect "in-the-round" piece on which to paint!

I found this great salvage cupboard door at a flee market in Rowley, Mass.  I painted it with a primitive landscape inspired by c1800 folk art murals painted on the walls of homes in the White Mountain region of Northern New Hampshire.   This 1-of-a-kind piece would look lovely on your porch or inside your country home!  A Unique conversation piece for sure!   Dimensions:  56" X 39".   SOLD

More old bread boards!!!

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"The road to a friend''s house is never long"

This little antique tin made itself known to me at the best antiques and collectibles shop in Southern NH--Here Today Emporium--in Wilton, NH.  More painting-in-the-round! I love to put a vase full of flowers in this colorful tin!  SOLD

I LOVE painting on old cupboard and cabinet doors!  Several years ago, when I set up my vintage hoosier as a craft/supplies depot,  I took all the doors off!  While rummaging thru my cellar one day, I found the stack of doors.  It was so much fun painting the doors with primitive folk art! 

Primitive Folk ART Paintings on vintage cupboard doors

A lovely primitive cupboard gets an early American refresh!  A woman with an antique home in Bedford, MA purchased this cupboard to hang on her wall.   SOLD

Rufus Porter Style Folk Art on Salvage and Vintage Finds

A galvanized tray gets a folk art facelift,  and a beautiful salvage piece of wood is painted with a lovely colonial village scene.

Folk Art Painting on Salvage Wood

Recently, I met an old-time master clockmaker.  He makes exquisite reproduction Eli Terry clocks.  For his clocks, I did some reverse glass painting, and in return, he cut out a bunch of plywood houses for me...which I painted and called "Rufus Porter houses!" These  houses are inspired by the colonial homes I paint in my early American landscape murals!  They can be customized with the colors of your home! They look great on a porch, front door, or as an accent inside your country home!  These houses were a super fun project!

Suzanne Carroll Korn

I love to paint on salvage pieces and old things!  ...things with wonderful patina and vintage style.  I can paint Rufus Porter style vignettes or stencil the patterns and designs of the old time itinerant stencilers on just about anything!  There is nothing like painting on objects that are weathered, worn, and that tell a story about days gone by.  I spend a lot of time on my porch in the summer painting away on interesting items like sap buckets, galvanized tubs, old milk crates, vintage breadboards, and tins.  Let me know if you have a piece that you would like to enhance with Rufus Porter style folk art or early American stenciling...or please contact me if you see something here that you would like to purchase!  These 1-of-a-kind items make wonderful gifts...Like the antique tool box above...that has such a great look for a country porch!  Looks so cute with a bright red geranium! 

I found this antique drawer at one of my favorite picking haunts in Wilton, NH.  I scooped it up and painted its 4 sides with early American decoration.  Makes a picturesque storage box!  SOLD

It is such a joy to paint on vintage bread boards.  It's like painting on butter!  So smooth and velvety...the well-worn ancient boards with their dings and "character" provide the perfect canvas for a Rufus Porter inspired New England Landscape!  Both are SOLD

Vintage Cupboard Door