Suzanne Carroll Korn

Painting Chosen for Cover of Book!

Canadian-American author Grant Hayter-Menzies was in search of a cover for his upcoming book, which will be released in 2019.  He was looking for something with an early New England feel to it.   When he found my website, he fell in love with one of my Rufus Porter inspired landscape paintings.  He contacted me and asked permission to use it for his cover.  Of course, I said yes!  Wow!  Such an honor to have one of my folk art landscapes gracing the cover of a book! 

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"Paint Like Porter"  Workshop held at the historic Damon Tavern, North Reading, MA

August 2018

For a couple of months this Spring, I had the opportunity to sell my painted items on the porch at White Home Collections in Wilton, NH.  I felt like a Yankee Peddler with the eclectic mix of items I created for this occasion!   Bird garden stakes, painted terra cotta pots and galvanized buckets, painted salvage, folk art bunnies and daisies, "Rufus Porter" houses and more! 

"Yankee Peddler" on the porch at White Home Collections, Wilton, NH 

What's New?

It was so much fun leading the workshop "Paint Like Porter" at the historic Damon Tavern in North Reading, MA.  The workshop was held in the beautiful second floor ballroom where Rufus Porter painted scenic landscape murals around 1830. What an incredible paint in the ballroom where Rufus Porter painted almost 200 years ago!!  My students were amazing, and the folk art landscape paintings they created surely made Rufus Porter proud!!  Proceeds from the workshop went towards the restoration of the ballroom.