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Suzanne Carroll Korn

I am currently selling my artwork at White Home Collections in Wilton, NH.  I have a wonderful little shop there with lots of wall space to display my latest paintings and folk art.  If you are not in the southern NH area, but are interested in something you see on my website, please email or call for pricing and availability.  My Early American Painter Facebook page is the best way to stay up to date on my latest paintings!

One of my favorite things to do is to paint custom and personalized scenic landscapes and folk art house portraits!  Any scene or style you see on my website can be customized to your specification.  To see some of my latest commissions and to learn about the steps I take to ensure my client LOVES their painting, click HERE!

Rufus Porter Inspired  Scenic Landscape Murals

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The history of decorative arts in America includes a colorful chapter when itinerant muralists roamed the back roads of New England, painting their colorful folk art on the walls in homes, inns, and taverns along the way.  American folk artist, Rufus Porter, was one of these muralists.  Porter painted scenic landscape murals in Massachusetts between the years 1822 and 1845. With his art, he touched the lives of rural New Englanders in a truly special way!  He covered their walls with peaceful and serene folk art landscapes and colorful vistas of rural life that spoke to patriotism, pride in America, and the bounty of this young and plentiful country. The lives of rural New Englanders were forever enhanced by Porter’s scenic landscape murals, and the dark interiors and plain plastered walls of their homes were made bright with the hope and promise of spring.  It is my hope that the spirit of American tradition and history that surrounds my paintings, will inspire YOU to create living spaces that are wonderfully warm and reminiscent of a bygone era in New England.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy your trip back in time...and experience the joy of historically-inspired decoration!

In addition to Rufus Porter inspired folk art landscapes, I also paint sweet little vignettes of rural life in America.  These paintings are a little modern/a little rustic...featuring  minimal landscapes and a light color palette.   Small houses and cottages, fields of flowers, gray seascapes, and a peaceful spirit make these paintings a joy to create.